Best Affordable Tempered Glass Brands for Smartphones


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When it comes to the protection of your smartphones, the front glass, which the manufacturers ship is not the strongest one to serve you safety. Often, we see people buy an expensive smartphone but they don’t go ahead and spend on tempered glass for its added protection. If we talk about protection, there’s always a concern, whether the Gorilla Glass or say whatever protection certification that the phone ships with is truly safe?

The answer to this might be hypothetical and could be a controversial thing as many are dependent on the phone’s pre-applied protection. Well, the Glass could definitely provide safety, but a tempered glass would offer added advantage to the handset. With that said, it is a daunting task to look for a great glass company that is trustworthy and worth your money.

In this piece, we will be sharing some of the best affordable tempered glass brands for your smartphones in India. The list is in no particular order and we haven’t been sponsored by any of these brands.

Best Affordable Tempered Glass Brands for Smartphones In 2021

1. Kapaver

Kapaver is one of the go-to brands one it comes to tempered glass and phone cases. With its tempered glass range starting from a basic 2.5D glass to 5D curved glass, it offers protection in your budget.

The tempered glass starts from ₹299 and goes up to ₹1299 for a high-end edge-to-edge tempered glass. Some of its major features are Impact resistance, Anti-oil, and Scratch resistance.

2. Popio

With emerging Indian brands in the segment, we have Popio. Based on Rajkot, India, it is one of the most trusted and affordable tempered glasses and accessories companies.

The screen protectors from Popio are also Bestsellers on Amazon with a range of 2.5D curved glass up to 6D edge-to-edge tempered glass.

Considering that it is an Indian brand, the pricing is too desi and one which millennials can afford. The tempered glass range starts from just ₹84 making it one of the most value for money brands on this list.

3. GadgetsShieldz

It is hardly a time when we won’t hear about GadgetsShieldz considering quality and price in the tempered glass segment. It is another Indian brand that offers a variety of screen protectors for the front as well as the back of the device.

It has all types of glasses that you need, Matte, Ultra Clear, and Casefit screen protectors. Interestingly, the company bundles the installation kit with tempered glass and has tutorials showcasing the installation procedure.

4. Spigen

Moving to the premium yet affordable range, we have Spigen, which you must have heard n number of times earlier. It is another go-to brand for quality tempered glass, screen protectors, and cases.

The major advantage of going with a Spigen tempered glass is that the quality is assured, but for a more premium price than what you would pay for other brands in this list.

The screen protectors from the company come with an installation device that will perfectly place the glass on the phone. These are scratch-resistant, high-pressure resistant, and come with an oleophobic coating that will resist fingerprints.

5. Ringke

A Korea-based brand had its footsteps towards being one of the most popular choices on Amazon. Ringke offers durable screen protectors at a more premium price. Not to worry, the prices are not skyrocketing.

For the price you pay, you would get a four-layer dual full coverage screen protector with clear transparent film. It maintains 9H hardness which prevents it from any breakage, scratches, and dents.

Available in 2.5D curved glass, the protector has clear HD visibility. The tempered glass is also case-friendly and is resistant to any peel-offs.

Honourable Mentions

6. Flipkart SmartBuy and Amazon Basics

Some of the most popular tempered glass for smartphones are from Amazon Basics and the Flipkart SmartBuy range. The great thing about these is the price, and the reason why they are not on the list is the quality.

In the list above, the quality of the tempered screens is consistent if not persistent. The SmartBuy and Basics screen protectors are good for the price but the durability is subject to one’s usage.

Nonetheless, both of these brands come in our honorable mentions in our affordable tempered glass brands list and so can be considered if on a tight budget.

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