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How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that has turned yellow

Clean a clear phone case

A clear phone case makes your phone look more stylish. But, a clear, transparent case will age soon and appear yellowish. Still, the craze for a clear case will always be in the market. Before swapping your old phone case with the new one, we have the best solutions to clean a clear phone case. These details will save money and help you find the right solution to get rid of this yellow shade from your phone permanently. 

Why do phone cases turn yellow?

It is more because of the material degradation than because of the age of your phone case. A clear phone case is generally made of silicone because it is a flexible and inexpensive material. Silicone is a polymer that turns yellow with age. But, the aging process happens faster when the substance comes in contact with chemicals, heat, and light. Your phone case starts turning yellow. Here, you will learn simple ways to Remove the Yellow Color from Clear Silicone. 

4 Ways to Clean a Clear Phone Case that has turned yellow

Washing with dish soap and water:

If you want to clean a clear phone case that has turned yellow, a solution made of dish soap and water may work to remove the color shade. Put 2 to 3 drops of dish soap into 1 cup of warm water. You can use any soap available to you, but mild ones are recommended. Stir the solution until it turns soapy. It is perfect for removing mild strain from your phone case. 

Once you prepare the solution, take a toothbrush and scrub the case properly with it. Pay attention to the strained area. You can also use a sponge or cloth to clean your case, but a brush allows you to reach the difficult areas for cleaning, such as camera or charge ports. 

Rinse your phone case and remove all soaps from it. Dry your phone case with a towel and remove the remaining moisture. Don’t skip the air-dry step. Keep your phone case in an open area with enough air circulation. Before putting your phone case on your phone, you need to check and recheck for no moisture left. To keep your phone case clean always, you can apply this washing method once a week. It seems to be the best way to clean a clear phone case.

Apply rubbing alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol can clean medium strains that the dishwasher cannot clean. Use a small cloth and dampen the cloth slightly in the rubbing alcohol. Scrub in a circular motion on your phone case with this cloth. Focus on the toughest stains and scrub the phone case properly. You can also use a rubbing alcohol spray bottle to apply a little bit of it on your phone case directly. Take another clean cloth and wipe your case thoroughly, removing the remaining alcohol on your phone case. The air-dry step is a must before putting your case on your phone. This way, you can keep a Clear Phone Case Clean.

Use Baking Soda:

Baking soda proves to be very effective when nothing works to clean a yellow phone case. Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your phone case to cover the strains completely, avoid using an excessive quantity. Use a wet toothbrush and scrub your phone case. Move your toothbrush in a circular motion to get rid of the strain. Rinse your phone case thoroughly without leaving any residue of baking soda. Use a dry cloth to remove the moisture from it and leave the case for the air-dry. 

These are the three primary ways of cleaning your clear phone case. But, a few things need mentioning to give you a clear understanding of what and what not to do for removing yellow tint from your clear phone case.

Can bleach clean a clear phone case?

Bleach can be a good option for removing the toughest strain, but you have to take extra care while using the substance on your phone case. You can prepare a solution with bleach and water. Do not use too much bleach as it can harm your silicone case. Put one teaspoon of bleach in warm water and dip your phone case in the solution for a few minutes. It will remove the difficult strains from your case.  

You can also use all of the above steps to clean plastic clear phone cases also, besides the silicone material. If you are searching for how to prevent my clear phone case from turning yellow, use any step mentioned above and get the best result. These are very easy and common solutions to Clean a Clear Phone Case.




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