PureEV EPluto 7G is an Electric Scooter that Looks like Vespa and Offers 120Km range


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The PureEV EPluto 7G is an electric scooter that was recently launched in India by the Hyderabad based electric 2 wheeler company PureEV. Alongside having a mouthful of a name, this scooter boasts 1500W of power from its motor which is coupled with its 60V 2.5kWh portable battery.

PureEV EPluto 7G

PureEV is an Indian electric 2-wheeler company based in Hyderabad. The company has its origins in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad, where it also has its research facility. PureEV also manufactures lithium-ion batteries alongside electric vehicles.

The Epluto 7G is the latest flagship offering from the company, an electric scooter claiming 120 km range on a single charge with a decent 60kmph top speed for the high speed, top variant. The base, low-speed variant tops at around 25kmph, with an 85 km range.PureEV EPluto 7G

As for the price, the base variant dubbed EPluto starts at ₹71,999(~$967) (Ex-Showroom price), while the top variant starts at ₹83,999(~$1,129) (Again, Ex-Showroom price.) The top variant also comes with a 12-degree grade ability, whereas the base variant comes with a 7-degree grade ability.

The PlutoEv looks a lot similar to the well known Piaggio Vespa, so much so that someone would easily mistake one for a Vespa if it was not for its silent motor and slightly different decals. The electric scooter also draws its resemblance to the new Bajaj Chetak with its round headlamp and mirrors having a chrome finish. But considering its electric nature, it is supposed to compete with the likes of Okinawa Praise and the Ampere Magnus Pro. Despite being sold under an Indian brand, the plutoEV is actually manufactured in China – Something to keep in mind if it bothers you.

PureEV EPluto 7G

This electric scooter is equipped with an LCD display, an LED headlamp, an anti-theft provision with a smart lock, and regenerative braking. It has 10-inch alloy wheels suspended by telescopic forks and a mono-shock. The front disc and rear drum is the braking combo for the scooter. It comes in 6 different colours.

It’s available all over India with showrooms in states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Punjab, Telangana, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Bihar, Kerala and Jammu&Kashmir. Despite this, pure-EV doesn’t seem to have impressive sales and service reach – something which is quite important for a non-conventional vehicle.

The initial consumer reviews for this scooter seem rather decent, with most of the customers being happy with their purchase.

Apart from this, only time can tell if the PlutoEV stands ground in the Indian market.


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