Apple could employe new Jahwa-made telephoto lens on its iPhone 15 lineup


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While Apple plans to release this year’s iPhone 14 Pro with the highlight being a revamped display, the recent news has us going with next year’s iPhone 15 Pro’s highlight – which will be the new telephoto sensor. Yes, a new telephoto lens on next year’s iPhone. A report from theelec sheds light on the Cupertino giant’s plans for the cameras of the 2023 iPhones. Let’s take a look.

Jahwa Electronics, which currently supplies Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) actuators to Samsung for its Galaxy S22 series, is now in hints at partnering with Apple to set up a factory just for manufacturing sensors for Apple.

The report reveals that in 2021, Apple visited Jahwa Electronics’ OIS production lines in Gumi, South Korea, and asked them to build production lines exclusively for Apple. That said, Jahwa is now expected to begin supplying Apple with OIS actuators during the second quarter of next year. This means that the new OIS actuators will be used in the 2023 iPhone which will be the iPhone 15.

Furthermore, the OIS actuators which will be made at the new production lines in South Korea are likely for telephoto cameras on the next year’s iPhone. No detail as to the specs of this sensor has been revealed.

Jahwa Electronics, for now, will likely continue supplying OIS actuators to Samsung from its Cheongju and Vietnam production lines.

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