Battlegrounds Mobile India New 1.5 Update Is Finally Here


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For a long time, PUBG mobile game was not available in India because of the ban. The partnership with Tencent caused this game to get banned in India. However, the new version of the game launched in India some days ago with a new name and partnership. It launched as Battlegrounds Mobile India some days ago with the partnership with Krafton.

The players have been waiting for a long time to get their hand on the game. They jumped right away to play the game. Soon after the game was launched, there have been rumors of the new update. Finally, the update is here and came with some of the amazing, and new content. Here is everything you need to know about the update given below.

new BGMI 1.5 update

New Contents Of The New Update

There are many new things in the game that you will get to see with the new update. Here are some of them given below that you need to know before updating the game.

New Guns

One of the first things that are highlighted in the new BGMI 1.5 update is the new guns. The name of these two guns is MG3 and ASM. One is LGM, and another is Assault Rifle. You have to open airdrops to find the MG3, and ASM is available as a normal drop only in the Ignition Mode. Apart from that, the old machine gun M249 is not an airdrop gun anymore. It is now available on the maps as a normal loot gun.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

New Royal Pass System

The highlight of this update is the new royal pass system. The royal pass season has changed and divided into two different parts. Now, players have to pay 300 UC to buy a royal pass ticket. The royal pass will be limited to 50 levels. However, you will only get 1 month to finish all the levels.

royal pass season

From this season, the royal pass is named Cycle 1 Season 1. You will be able to get a mythic outfit upon reaching 50 levels. Also, you will get all the other rewards like a helmet, gun skins, vehicle skins, and many more. Breaking it down to 2 half will help many players to do their RP mission in a short time.

Two mythic items are quite a surprise to the players compared to what they hoped for.

New Ranked Mode 

BGMI gave a glimpse of the future to the fans and players. Among all the other maps, they added the Ignition mode. This mode is very different from all the others. You can get a good look at what BGMI will be like in the future.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

There are Hyperline trains, Tesla car center, and many other that completely changes the gameplay experience. There are many advanced options available like auto-jump, enemy detection devices, patrol robots, and others. These are one of the best parts of the Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update.

Apart from these, there are some other changes like glass windows are installed. You will get a glass-breaking sound while jumping through the glass. Also, Ace Tire is now three parts long, such as Ace, Master Ace, Ace Dominator after the update.

Here is all the information mentioned that will help you to know all the changes. Make sure to go through all the details of the changes before installing the update.






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