How to Bypass CAPTCHA on the Internet Using Extensions 2022


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Internet is now a very important part of our life. We use the internet every day of your life in almost every step. However, some things ruin the experience. One of the most common ones is a CAPTCHA on websites. While browsing through the website, CAPTCHA slows down the speed and ruins the experience as well. Some of the most common ones are visual puzzles, simple math, identifying objects, typing shows the text and others. However, you can take the help of some of the extensions to bypass CAPTCHA on the Internet. If you want to get them yourself, then here are some of the most popular ones given in detail. 


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This is one of the most common and popular CAPTCHA-solving extensions in the market. You can use the extension without any subscription as it is open source. The extension uses speech recognition to solve the voice CAPTCHA. However, this one only works on Google’s ReCAPTCHA, which is a slight drawback. But Google CAPTCHA is one of the most common ones these days. This extension is available for browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and others. 

bypass CAPTCHA on the Internet

To use this extension, you will need to install it in your browser. Then, you get a ReCAPTCHA, you have to click on “I am not a robot” to open the window of challenge. There at the bottom, you will find orange and green icons, click on them and Buster will begin solving the CAPTCHA on the voice challenge window. It usually takes less than 30 seconds to solve the CAPTCHA. 


AntiCaptcha is just as popular as the previous one in this list. For many people, it can seem confusing a bit because the main service of CAPTCHA solving is hosted on the anti-captcha website. But the official extension can be found at It is available in different browsers like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and others. However, keep in mind that AntiCaptcha is a paid service. 

service of CAPTCHA solving

You can just signup and create an account to add some funds. After you are done with creating an account, you can pay as much as you like based on your requirements. You will get around 500-1000 CAPTCHA solves for $1. The price fluctuates at certain times, make sure to check the pricing once in a while to get the best deal. Compared to Buster, AntiCaptcha has the upper hand, as it can solve FunCaptcha, ReCAPTCHA, Solve Media, Google, Image Captcha, and others. It usually takes around 5-30 seconds to solve Captchas. 


When it comes to Captcha solving services, Rumola is no doubt one of the oldest ones in the market. This extension is available in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others. However, Safari and Firefox versions are not available right now. It is very useful for all the browsers that cant use the Chrome extension. It works for CAPTCHAS like characters, numbers, puzzles, words, and others. 

After installing the extension, it will search for CAPTCHAS in the pages you visit. If there is a CAPTCHA, you will get an icon over the image. If you double-click on the text box, then Rumola will start solving it, and an icon will get animated. This is one of the best services to bypass CAPTCHA on the Internet. It takes less than 5-10 seconds to solve a CAPTCHA. However, the service is not free of cost, and you will have to pay $0.99 to $1.95 to buy 50-150 credits. 

These are some of the most popular and common extensions that you can use to solve CAPTCHA on the go without any hassles. Go through the details to know the features, and price of these services and choose the best one.  



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