OnePlus users will have access to Oppo’s after sales service from January 1, 2022


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Back in July, OnePlus announced its merger with Oppo to offer better products to the customers. Soon after, we saw the integration of Oppo’s ColorOS codebase with OnePlus’ OxygenOS. What’s next? You might be wondering. Well, today, OnePlus in its community, revealed that the OnePlus China offline after-sales service will complete the business migration on January 1, 2022, and later OnePlus users can simply walk-in to Oppo service centres.

You can now visit any Oppo after-sales service centres

Oppo OnePlus

OnePlus revealed that the business migration of its offline after-sales service will be finished by the 1st of next month. Soon after the process is done, over 1,000 Oppo authorized service centres in China will be fully open to OnePlus users.  These offline service centres will be in over 90% of prefecture-level cities in the country.

OnePlus and Oppo come under BBK electronics and the merger, followed by a sole service centre for both companies seems to be a way to benefit both the customers and the company. Not just OnePlus and Oppo, the Oppo mall, which was Oppo’s official sales outlet was recently renamed Ouga Mall in China. The Ouga Mall sells devices from Oppo, OnePlus, and even Realme.

Moreover, reports claim that OnePlus’ R&D department has also joined hands with Oppo’s team. In the past, we have seen the same-looking phones from Oppo and OnePlus. It seems that the similarities and the joint ventures will continue regardless of what fans want.

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Pranav Sawant
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