Twitter Blue is Finally Here With Lots of Features


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All the social media users have waited for so long for Twitter Blue. It is the first-ever subscription service from Twitter that comes with lots of features. Although, it released initially in Canada and Australia. Soon, it will be available in other countries as well. To get access to this premium version, you will need to get a subscription.

Twitter Blue Features that you need to know

There are some tools and features that users have requested for so long. Now, they are available in this version. The news of Twitter Blue has been around for some time after app researcher Jane Manchun Wong gave us some information. However, there are plenty of things that you need to know abouTwitter Blue. The price of a subscription in Canada and Australia for Twitter Blue is CAD 3.49 and AUD 4.49.

There are many rumors about the price of this subscription and its launch date in India. However, Twitter officially did not release any date or price till now. One Twitter official said that they have not decided the price of the subscription in other countries. They will learn from the market of Australia and Canada to set the price in other countries. So, it is still unclear that what is the price of this subscription is going to be in India.

After all this time, they have added an alternative of the ‘edit’ button in Twitter Blue. Many users have requested this feature for a long time. You can use this button to remove any of your tweets after posting. Undo Tweet is one of the premium features of Twitter Blue. Yes, you can now undo any posted tweet at any time. This sure brings a smile for users because this is one of the most waited features. Although it is still not unavailable for all the global users of Twitter, it will launch in other countries soon. 

Twitter Blue is all set to improve the user experience with customized features. Also, reader mode is available that allows the users to convert a thread into text that is easier to read. You will need to merge all the tweets into a single screen and thread. When it comes to customization, Twitter Blue has introduced a feature that allows users to change theme colors. Yes, you can change the theme color of your Twitter UI along with the icon color.

The Twitter icon color is blue by default but you can change it to other colors like Pink, Yellow, Purple, and Orange. On the other hand, you can now bookmark the folders on Twitter with this subscription. With this feature, you can bookmark interesting tweets, news, and categorize them into different folders. It helps you to find the bookmarked tweet faster and get rid of the mess.

Based on the response of the Australian and Canadian market, they might add other features as well. If the existing features are not enough for users, then they will add other customization features in Twitter Blue

Soon, Twitter Blue will be rolling out in other countries. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned information will keep you updated.




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