Google Meet and Duo Will Be One App


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Google has recently announced that it will merge Google Duo into the meet app to offer one application for all video communication. Those who are using Duo will soon find their app turns into the Meet with advanced features. Let’s learn more about it.

Google Meet:

Google Meet is a popular application for video meetings, and it also gives the toughest competition to Zoom. With the App, business users and personal Gmail users can easily arrange video calls.

Google Meet
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Google has mentioned that they will soon merge the Duo app into the Meet app to organize a video meeting with a person or a group. This update will come to users later this year, and Google will offer a single video communication service for users.

Google Duo: 

Google Duo was launched in 2016 as a video calling application. The app was a competitor of Apple’s FaceTime. Google Meet is getting more attention, and the Duo somehow manages to survive in the race.

Google Duo
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Google Duo users will not need to download a new app. When they have the latest version of Duo, the app will turn into Google Meet when the changes start implementing.

The company also ensures that the tech giant keeps the transition from Duo to Meet as smooth as possible. Google has also introduced some advanced features to their Duo app. It includes customizing the background of your virtual meeting, in-meeting chats, and more. Besides, the Dup will get other important integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Assistant, and messages.

IT admins can access and manage the Google Duo feature by deactivating the other google Service Control. For school accounts, Duo will get an age restriction, and anyone under 18 years of age cannot use the application.

The Duo users need to ensure that they have updated applications on their phones. This new change will be for Google workspace customers, users with personal Google accounts, G-suit basic, and business customers.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that Google will remove the Duo app and keep the Meet app only for users. Read complete updates on Google’s official page.

Simul Chowdhury
Simul Chowdhury
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