WhatsApp May Soon offer Edit Feature to Edit Your Message After Sending


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WhatsApp is always upgrading itself to enhance the user experience. Now, the company may soon offer the Edit feature, which will allow users to edit messages after sending them. Users have already shown interest in the new development by WhatsApp Message. Let’s take a look at WhatsApp Message Edit Feature.

Editing a WhatsApp Message is not possible, even though we have the ‘delete from everyone’ option. It helps users delete messages from everyone for wrong messages. With the Edit feature, users can easily correct silly errors in their messages.

WABetaInfo published a report where they revealed that the new Edit feature will soon be available for the beta version of the app.

As per the news, WhatsApp came up with the plan for the Edit feature nearly 5 years ago. But, the instant messaging platform is now working on it.

WeBetaInfo shared the screenshot of the feature: WhatsApp Message Edit Feature

WhatsApp Edit Feature
Image Source: WABetaInfo

Till now, we only have two options to rectify our WhatsApp messages:

  • We send another correct message and tell receivers to ignore the wrong one.
  • We can delete the wrong message and send the new correct one.

In either case, we send a second new message. With the Edit feature, you can correct errors in your sent messages. The feature will get a dedicated button in the top bar, appearing along with the copy and message forwarding option when you press a message for a long.

Can I identify the edited message?

When there is a new feature, especially in the developing mode, it comes up with many questions. The most common question that users are asking – is how to identify the edited message on WhatsApp? Will users can differentiate between the edited message and the original message?

WhatsApp’s answer is – no.

Since there will not be any edited history on WhatsApp, identifying the edited message version is not possible. The good news is that the feature is developing, and it can be included in the Edit feature also.

As per the news, the time frame for publishing the feature is still unknown. The sources revealed that the feature will be available first on iOS and Desktop Beta builds. After that, it will be available for Android beta builds.

Simul Chowdhury
Simul Chowdhury
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