How to Book Vaccine Appointments on Paytm


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Covid-19 has become one of the deadliest pandemics in the world. Thankfully, the vaccine is now available in India and other countries. With the help of vaccination, India can continue to move ahead with daily life. However, officials want to make sure that people get both 1st and 2nd vaccination very early. As it is getting hard to find a reliable source for the vaccine, Paytm came forward.

You can use the Paytm app to book vaccination slot in the nearest healthcare centers. Paytm added this feature back in May in the app that helps the users to check vaccination availability and book slots. If you are a Paytm user, then you can easily filter the advanced option to see availability. Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to book vaccination slots.

Step 1:

First, you need to download the Paytm app from Google Play Store or App Store. Once the app is downloaded, open the app on your smartphone. Sign in using your details and proceed further. On the home page, you will find a lot of options including pay, send money, and others. You will need to find the search option on the right upper corner of the scene.

Paytm app

Step 2: 

Tap on the sign that looks like a magnifying glass to begin your search. Enter “Covid-19 Vaccine Finder” or “Vaccine” and search for it. Tap on the Covid-19 Vaccine Finder button from the search results. A new page will open you can both use your pin code or district to find the closest vaccination center in your area. No matter which one you choose, you will need to provide other information. This information includes state, district, or pin code, age group, dose number. Click on the “check availability” button to find out about the available vaccination slot.

Covid-19 Vaccine Finder

Step 3:

However, you will need to verify your mobile number on the Paytm app first to find out the vaccination slots. You will receive an OTP in your mobile number that you will have to enter to log in to the CoWIN platform. On this page, you will find the names of all the nearest hospitals and healthcare centers, where the vaccines are available. You can sort the search result based on paid, free, vaccine type, and others.

Paytm app to book vaccination slot

Step 4: 

It will show you green, yellow, and red colors for available vaccination slots. You will have to click on the “book now” option to book a slot in your desired vaccination center. You will find a page asking for the beneficiary or the name of the person who is going to be vaccinated. Then, you will need to select the beneficiary or add new on the beneficiary section.

available vaccination slots

Step 5:

Under the beneficiary section, there is a time slot section. You will need to choose desired time slot among all the different ones. Also, you will need to submit the Aadhaar Card details, Photo ID, Proof ID number, Birth year, Gender, and others. Click on Submit button at the bottom of the page to book your Covid-19 vaccine appointment.

Now, the person who is getting vaccinated has to visit the desired healthcare center on the scheduled date and time. Make sure to carry the Photo verification ID that is used in the Paytm app. You can also use this tool to get a vacant notification.


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