MIUI 13: Download 43 new High-res Wallpapers for Free!


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During the Xiaomi 12 launch event, Xiaomi unveiled the latest MIUI 13. The new MIUI 13 custom skin improves on the previous MIUI 12.5 skin, adds security measures, and includes a bunch of new wallpapers. Just like us, If you were taken aback by the new wallpapers in MIUI 13 and want to install them on your device as soon as possible, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll show how you can get all the wallpapers of the MIUI 13 on your device.

Download MIUI 13 wallpapers

Thanks to XDA Developers, the full-resolution uncompressed wallpapers are available for download. Simply click on the link given below and download a file full of 43 new wallpapers. 

Click Here to Download MIUI 13 Wallpapers 

Everything You Need to Know about MIUI 13

The MIUI 13 includes support for rich widgets like the home screen, New Font, Extra Privacy, and a lot more.
In the performance department, MIUI 13 is said to boost overall system app smoothness by 20%-25% and for third part apps up to 52%.

The MIUI 13 update also includes a new style called MISans, which is basic and simplifies letters, numbers, signs, and other symbols. It is a minimal flat style font that will be free to download for commercial and personal use.


A new or one should say old feature which has been there for ages in Android WIDGETS is again into the limelight credit goes to Apple for introducing it with iOS 14. Xiaomi brings this feature back with some modifications and it brings in dynamic widgets with MIUI 13.

Xiaomi’s new Mi Magic Center is the company’s response to Huawei’s HarmonyOS Super Device. People may manage all of their Xiaomi ecosystem items from one location.


MIUI is now also available on tablets as MIUI Pad OS. The MIUI 13 Pad OS is designed particularly for use on large displays. It includes Pad-specific features like dragging, pinching to resize, dragging-and-dropping and launching an app immediately into a tiny window.

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