Top Free Games to Play on Xbox Latest May 2022


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Top Free Games to Play with Xbox

Halo Infinite

Every gamer at least once in their life has played a game from the Halo Series. It is one of the best FPS games one can play. Coming to Halo Infinite, one can get it to play for free on their Xbox.

We cannot complain about this game, especially after playing Halo 5, as we all know how bad the game was. This one, on the other hand, brings in several improvements. I am confident in saying that Halo Infinite is the best Halo game, that 343 industries have produced in recent times. The campaign is basically a mishmash of Halo and Farcry where you are dropped in a MASSIVE sandbox and are littered with things to find and stuff to do. Before the mission, you can choose what weapons and vehicles you would like to take.

Altogether, I had an enjoyable experience, I laughed, I shed tears, and I felt as if I was playing a true Halo game for the first time in almost 10 years. The missions are varied and they do not feel repetitive, the gameplay feels polished, and has the classic Halo feel to it.



The game splitgate is quite an enjoyable game for those who loved portal, Halo, and other games that are similar. I can say that the game is very fluid. A refreshing multiplayer experience with simple mechanics. Portals add an extra element to a strategy that can be easy for new players to learn, but difficult to master. While these portals encourage players to move around the map, some players just use them to camp and try to spawn kills. This can be annoying sometimes and may leave you feeling helpless. Often frustrated players do leave in the middle of a match for this reason. Overall a good game and you surely will have a blast playing it.



The visuals are beautiful and the map in the game is great to explore. There are tons of interactions on each map and other loot zones that are more important than others. You’ll like the crafting mechanics for guns and for the shelter; the gunplay as well is amazing. This is a game that I think has barely any flaws and I would definitely recommend it.


Super Animal Royale

This game’s art style is super refreshing and endearing, having a simplified cartoon look that’s just so damn cute. This also is shown in the map design. There is no place on the map where I feel the devs got lazy. Every part has been made with a theme in mind. This game consists of an average of 60-65 players in a match, that drop in after the pregame lobby. The map is smallish and is easy to traverse, besides not being able to cross rivers or climb rocks. It’s a very fast-paced game and a match usually is of only 7-8 minutes. The objective: there really is none. Defeat all other super animals and escape the skunk gas and stay within the circle of life. As long as you win, they don’t care what you do during the game. Whether it be rolling in hamster balls or starting an emu caravan, that is up to you.

Easy to use guns, a slight change from most Battle Royale controls, but all in all, it is another great Battle Royale to add to your collection.


Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone is a very unique battle royale. It’s not just a copy of other battle royales, so those who play apex legends or Fortnite will have to change their strategy a bit. I also love the gulag system. The fact that you get another chance to stay in the game is awesome. A match also feels longer since there are extra 50 players for a total of 150 players. Everyone should try this game at least one time.



Other Top Free Games to Play on XBOX include

  1. Apex Legends
  2. Fortnite
  3. PUBG

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