7 Future flying machines for humans


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Flying up in the sky like a bird is a wish of humans. With the help of technological advancements and creative minds, humans are going to enjoy wings to fly high in the sky. While some designs of future flying machines are getting appreciated, some are still in the approval mode. Let’s explore the creativity that will take us to the sky.

Best Future Flying Machines

1. Jetpack

Future Flying Machine
Image Courtesy: https://jetpackaviation.com/

Bell Aeronautics introduced the first hope of human flying with its wearable jetpack in 1960. But, his invention did not gain much success because of several limitations. The limited capacity for fuel carrying made the flying just for 20 seconds. Besides, The design of the jetpack had also many faults at that time. JetPack Aviation brought to people revolutionized model. Their JB-11 has 6 turbojet engines fueled by diesel and kerosene mix. The model claims to achieve 15,000 ft and 120 mph speed.

2. Giant paper airplane:

Future Flying Machine
Image Courtesy: https://www.impactlab.com/

Have you ever created a paper plane in your eliminatory school? If yes, you surely knew how difficult it is to fly straight. The Pima Air & Space Museum under their Great paper Airplane Project encouraged kids to join aerospace. Arturo’s Desert Eagle designed by 12-year-old Arturo introduced new thought into this process. Added to this, the Desert Eagle enjoyed a 10-second flight over Arizona’s desert.

3. Hoverbike:

Future Flying Machine
Image Courtesy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malloy_Hoverbike

Australian Chris Malloy has seen the future and introduced the hoverbike with much expectation. He claimed that his creation can achieve the speed of 173 mph and 10,000 feet altitude. It is a single-seater bike powered by a turbofan. This quadrocopter had vertical take-off and landing and it was developed in 2006. However, this prototype did not meet its claim range and stayed only 3-feet high while tethering to the ground. Read Malloy Hoverbike to learn more details.

4. Tacocopter:

Future Flying Machine
Image Courtesy: https://tacocopter.com/

What if you get tacos to your door via unmanned drone helicopter? This is the concept behind designing the tacocopter. However, the idea has experienced some major obstacles. The government has not allowed any unmanned aerial vehicle to be used for commercial purposes. Besides, there are safety and security issues related to overcoming the logistic hurdles. The technology of taccocopter has to be very strong to keep it safe from the attacks of animals and people.

5. E-Volo multicopter:

E-Volo multicopter offered an easy driving experience, just like a car. Designing a flying machine is an engineering challenge, and some creative minds have made it possible. This multicopper features 16 tiny propellers, each one powered by electric motors. Moreover, lithium batteries give you a flying experience of 10 to 30 minutes, and the time depends on the battery capacity. Finally, the design offers a safe approach, and the flying machine will land safely even if 4 of its motors are not working. Read E-Volo for more details.

Future flying machines

Besides all these mentioned models, the designs for passenger-carrying future flying machines are getting huge attention, and the event showcases many innovative ideas and thoughts. GoFly competition is a competition where 130 countries participated in designing and creating a personal flying machine. Some prestigious human flying machines in these events need mentioning here.

6. Aviabike by Aeroxo (Russia):

Image Courtesy: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8020563/Personal-flying-machines-future-set-compete-fly-off.html

Aeroxo, the company behind the flying motorcycle called Avabike has great expectations. Their creation can bring a great change in transportation, helping in a fast rescue process when necessary. The company introduced a convenient and safe trip with this bike design. The company completed the prototype work, and it is now working hard to make the real, full-size device. Learn more about Aviabike here.

7. FlyKart2 by Trek Aerospace (US):

Future Flying Machine
Image Courtesy: https://evtol.news/trek-aerospace-flykart-2/

It is another much-talked-about model in the GoFly event. The design reminds you of F1-style driving. It has 10 ducted propellers that surround the driving seat. Offering a smooth experience of flying in the air, it showcases many innovative design details. Learn more about FlyKart2 here.

These are some innovative models of human flying machines that can make your flying wishes true. The future of flying machines is really wide as it holds higher interest among people. Science makes us believe that we can fly even without wings.


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