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Technology has immense power to change the world. New ideas and innovations surprise us every day. The stories that were only possible in science fiction are becoming true with the help of advanced technology. From space tourism to brain-reading robots, technology is enriched with creative thoughts that will change everything common to us. Be ready to explore upcoming technology trends that will shape the world in a new way.

18 Best Technological Innovations

Brain reading robots

Upcoming Technology

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) has taken the most advanced and useful step to introduce innovation, using brain-reading technology. The researchers at the institution aim at helping tetraplegic patients who are unable to move their upper and lower bodies. They used a machine-learning algorithm, a robot arm, and a brain-computer interface to develop their technology.

Here, a robot arm performs the work of moving any obstacle. The algorithm interprets the signals coming from the brain, using an EEG cap. More specifically, a brain can control the movement of the robot arm. The algorithm will also read and accept the pattern of individual preferences and brain signals. Tetraplegic patients will get great help from this brain reading robot.

3D Printed Bones

Upcoming Technology

3D printing technology has already made its presence felt in the industry. It is used widely in cheap house building and many other fields. But, the most recent innovation of 3D printing technology deserves mention in every science-focused magazine.

Ossiform, a company specializing in medical 3D printing, introduced the process of replacing patient-specific bone replacement. The company uses tricalcium phosphate – a material that mimics the properties in human bones. the whole process is very simple, an MRI is done, and the report is sent to the company for creating the model of a patient-specific implant. Once the design gets approved by doctors, the surgery will start. The important consideration is that the replaced bone will restore the complete function.

Hydrogen planes

Upcoming Technology

Since the carbon emissions by commercial flight have become an environmental concern, Aerospace Technology Institute in association with the UK government came up with the Fly Zero project that unveiled the use of Hydrogen-powered planes.

The project introduces the concept of a mid-size plane powered by liquid hydrogen. It has space for 279 passengers and can cover half of the world without any stoppage. When the idea gets conceptualized, it benefits the whole aviation industry.

Space Tourism

Upcoming Technology

Have you ever thought to see the earth from space? Your dream will soon become true because many renowned companies are working untiringly to make it possible. Some renowned names such as Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Amazon’s Blue Origin are showing an impressive attempt in this field. We all will get a seat in a spacecraft that takes us to space into orbit. The New Shephard Space Shuttle designed by Amazon will take you 100 km above the sea and take you back to the earth.

Digital twins for your health tracker

Upcoming Technology

Q Bio is a US-based company that introduces the technology where a human body gets scanned to identify any sign of illness and injuries. The technology will improve human health. The scanner can measure bio makers in an hour. It records data regarding the hormonal level, fat building in your liver, inflammation, and more. This technology will benefit the field of personalized medicine.

Robots for space and workplace

Upcoming Technology

Future technology unveils surprising things that make the world better. NASA explains the need for space robots and has already sent robots in different sizes and shapes into space. Since robots do not require oxygen and food to survive, they are the best objects made of full of sensors to send data back to the earth.

In the workplace, robots will perform dull jobs to save valuable time for mankind. Besides, they work more quickly and flawlessly.

Flying cars

Upcoming technology

Cars will fly in the sky one day since the designing process has already begun. Innovation like Jetpacks has already thrilled us, and it also gives us a hint that many more things in this field will come in the future.

Artificial eye

Upcoming Technology

The concept has been prevailing in science fiction for over a decade. But some previous news stories revealed that the concept of an artificial eye will soon become reality. In January 2021, an Israeli surgeon used artificial cornea in a bilaterally blind, 78-year old man. After surgery, the patient could recognize his family member immediately. In 2020, a Belgium scientist invented an artificial iris that can correct a number of vision issues. The artificial eye may help visually impaired patients in many ways.

Energy Storing Brick

Upcoming Technology

Future innovations in technology have many surprising things to unveil. Have you ever thought a brick can store energy?

Washington University in St Louis, in Missouri, US has introduced the idea of building smart brick that can store energy also. Researchers are still working on this project. The idea revealed that these bricks will have multiple benefits, and a house built of these smart bricks can store energy and can be recharged thousands of times in a day. Researchers are trying to convert bricks into an energy storage device called a supercapacitor. You can read a detailed story in the blog storing energy in red bricks.

Sweat power smartwatches

sweat powered smart watches

Technological trends astonish everyone, and another instance is the sweat power smartwatches designed by engineers of the University of Glasgow. They used sweat instead of electrolytes for storing energy in a battery. The battery can be completely charged with 20 microliters of fluid. Such a device contains polyester cellulose cloth within a thin layer of polymer, and it performs as a supercapacitor’s electrode.

Such smartwatches work when the cloth in them absorbs the sweat. The positive and negative ions of the sweat interact well with the polymer’s surface. This whole process creates an electrochemical reaction that generates energy.

Solar panel technology

upcoming technology

Solar panel introduces innovation and includes many exciting things for the future. Tesla Solar roof tiles are very popular for your house, but some companies step ahead and introduce solar panels for the car roof also. German Car manufacturer Audi, partnering with Alta Device, is manufacturing a thin solar film for car roofs. The complete story is published on the news.

Hyper-fast trains

Upcoming technology

Hyperloop, another company backed by Elon Musk, offers a super-fast, high-speed, underground transport system. It has already been tested in America, and the first route plan will be from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This hyper-fast train can go underground and underwater, making the transportation super speedy, which also benefits international traveling.

Wearable screens

Upcoming Technology

The future of technology may go screenless because a projector-like device generates a screen on your skin or other surfaces. In the future, you may not need a smartphone. Rather, you need a wearable device to get essential work done.

Fridges that order food

Upcoming Technology

Technologies make everything possible. A refrigerator can sense your food requirement and order accordingly. This feature has already been introduced and it gets better every day.

A smart toothbrush that can send data to your dentist

Upcoming Technology

A smart toothbrush will help you take care of your oral health the way you haven’t thought of. This toothbrush has Bluetooth. When you are brushing, a 3D map of your mouth will be created. It helps you to improve your brushing habit and identify what areas need more brushing. You can even send data to your dentist also. Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected has been very popular in the market.

A smart mirror that takes care of your health

Upcoming Technology

A mirror not only tells you how beautiful you are but also how healthy you are! A smart mirror can scan your health and reveal potential health risks. The mirror identifies changes in your face and breath and helps you monitor your health. The report says the Wiz Mirror is designed with many sensors that help you track your health.

A smart toilet that analyzes your deposit

Upcoming Technology

Smart toilets are no new concept, and the Japanese introduced many instances of smart toilets with posterior warming seats and more such features. However, future toilets are more advanced. These toilets can even analyze your leavings for identifying diseases. This innovation proves to be very effective, especially for identifying bowel cancer early. The report reveals that researchers at Stanford University designed a smart toilet that analyzes your deposits for checking health issues.

Floating farms

Upcoming Technology

It will soon be true when you will get farmland in unusual places. High-rise farms or floating firms will be on trends. Javier Ponce of Forward Thinking Architecture already presents a design where a 24m tall, three-storied structure has been used for farming. It has solar panels for energy supplies.

Technological innovation does not have any end. Scientists, engineers, and some sharp brains enrich the technological fields with their creative thoughts and ideas to make our living better.


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