Twitter’s Tweet Reactions Are Just Like Facebook with Minimalism


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Twitter has been adding several new features to keep up with its competition. In the last few months, the app has seen quite a few updates, and the most talked-about features are the Twitter Spaces and High-Res 4K uploads on the platform. The app has also been playing with the verification tool, which it apparently has paused after several bugs. Now, a new feature called Tweet Reactions is been tested on the app and the rumor mill has new information on the same.

New Tweet Reactions Feature for Twitter Teased Ahead of Public Availability

With an app like Twitter, it is not an easy task to implement its new features as they might be subject to several bugs. Said that, the Tweet Reaction feature was also in the testing from past few weeks and now a gist of how it might look has been shared.

Before we dive into these reactions, it is to be said that if you aren’t a Facebook user, then it might impress you. Why a sour note? well, the yet-to-public reactions are similar to what Facebook offers but have a more minimal look to them.

There will be five columns consisting of five reactions – Likes, Cheer, Hmm, Sad, and Haha. Just like Facebook reactions, these will also be animated.

As of now, we are not sure when will the feature be out in the public but considering that it has been on a test, we can expect the feature to be public in the next couple of weeks.

Lately, Twitter has been consistent in upgrading its design on how the app looks on Desktop and Mobile devices. With more features like Tweet reactions, the app is meant to offer a pleasing social media experience to the users. While this is just another feature, we expect that more features are on the toe.

What do you think about the new ‘reactions’ feature? Do let us know in the comments below.

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