WrapCart Skins Review – Sleek On Your Phone, Easy On Your Pocket


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Every time you buy a smartphone you are bound to apply some protection to the device. It could be either a case or a skin. While phone cases and covers already have a big market in India, you can’t find skins that easily at every shop. Agreed that you can grab skins from some markets in India but still, the hassle of visiting the store and stressing about its quality is a pain in the butt. Even if we consider a few big brands from the international market, it is quite hard to import those skins in the country. Here comes WrapCart, a quality Indian skin brand that doesn’t go hard on your pocket. 

With skins starting from ₹250, it is one of the brands that offer cheap skins while still maintaining the quality. Folks at WrapCart were kind enough to send me a couple of skins for review. Today in this piece, I’ll be reviewing skins from the WrapCart and tell honest opinions on the same. At the end of the article, you’ll find a special coupon code for the Trost readers. 

WrapCart Skins Review

Before we begin, let me tell you that I was never a skin person in the past. I had tried to apply a skin on my phone but the entire procedure and the end result were not really satisfying. Being an iPhone user, a transparent case was my thing. Sure you know why! While transparent cases do show the alluring back of the device, it also does provide some protection at the same time. 

My current daily driver is the Apple iPhone 11 and I was using a thick case on the device. Well, it’s been almost 8+ months since I am using the case, and a few weeks back, I removed the case for the first time and started using the device as raw and possible. It was definitely bound to scratches and dents but after using the device bare naked for a day or two, I was looking to try out some skin for my phone. 

WrapCart Skins Review - Easy On The Pocket, Hot On Your Phone

Although my past experience was not that great, I gave it a shot with WrapCart’s Matte skin. The brand was kind enough to send me another pair of skin for the Samsung Galaxy A52 4G(which was lying around my house) as well. Just to shed some light, this is not the first time, I had tried skins from WrapCart. My past experience with their skins was just satisfactory and I had skipped it. 

Getting to the present, the skins from the brand have improved on quality and quantity. The official website of the brand has a plethora of variety to choose from. The list goes from Stone skins, Matte Skins, Marble Skins, Leather Skins, Carbon Skins, Printed Skins, to ShapeShift Skins, 4D Concept Skins, Waterpaint Skins. 

Moreover, you can find skins for almost all devices starting from smartphones to laptops, wearables, and even credit cards. 

Moving back to the review, I received the skin and the packaging was acceptable. It came in an envelope that had the skin packed in transparent plastic. Inside the packaging was the Skin, Dry, and Wet cloth, instruction card, and an About US card from the company. 

I had heard that the installation process was quite easy for skins but for me, it was not as easy as it sounded. It could be because of the Hairdryer, which is required while installation of the skin. The hot air from the Air dryer does help the skin to stick easily on curved surfaces. Even without the hairdryer, I tried my best to apply the skin by using the hot air from the Gas as a makeshift. 

WrapCart Skins Review - Easy On The Pocket, Hot On Your Phone

Once I was done applying the skin on the iPhone 11, it was an easy job for me to apply the Marble skin on the Samsung Galaxy A52 4G. With over a week of usage, I can now firmly say, I had the best experience with the skins from WrapCart. 

Not just the quality and variety. The looks also had caught a few eyeballs. Many people around my workspace asked me about the skin. It surely does describe the quality of the skin. 


  • Good Collection
  • Custom Skins
  • Quality of Material Used
  • Price


  • Precision in a few areas(camera cutouts)
  • Basic Packaging

Avail Special Discount Coupon

With that said, If you are looking for a Skin for your smartphone and are on a tight budget, Skins from WrapCart are what you should be looking out for. 

There’s also good news for you. WrapCart has offered a special coupon “TROSTARMY” for the Tech Trost readers which will avail flat ₹50 off on your skin purchase from the WrapCart.com website. In order to avail the discount, just add your products to the cart and visit the final stage of the checkout then enter the coupon code and avail the discount. 

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