Apple will Stop Shipping Earphones with iPhone in France – Read Why? 2022


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Beginning January 24, Apple will no longer offer Earphones with every iPhone purchased in France.

In 2020, Apple discontinued offering included earphones and adapters with its own iPhones. The organization argued at the time that it was doing its bit to lessen the carbon impacts of its gadgets. By omitting both peripherals from the package, Apple was able to significantly reduce the thickness of the iPhone packaging due to this.

Yet, Apple was still compelled to include Earphones in the iPhone package when the devices were supplied within France. Due to worries about the hazards of exposing growing brains to electromagnetic radiation, French regulators demanded that earphones be provided in the package with cellphones.

Now, smartphone makers will no longer be required to provide headphones in the package, thanks to a new bill approved in the French parliament. Companies will now just be obligated to make earphones accessible as an optional extra.

Previously, Apple was compelled to include Earphones in every iPhone package due to a French regulation that forced a “hands-free kit”. That should be included with every phone purchased in the nation.

iphone 13 box

Apple’s idea of removing Earphones and the charging adapter from the iPhone package sparked debate in other nations as well. In Brazil, for example, Apple was fined $2 million for failing to include a charging adapter with iPhone.



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