Best Virtual Phone Number Apps in 2022


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Protect yourself from scam calls by using virtual phone number apps. For using services or applications, you need a phone number for verifications. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular platforms ask you to provide phone numbers for accessing their services. This helps tech companies avoid misuse or spam. But, what about your protection? What if a spammer uses your phone number?

Few companies have such systems that allow them to collect your phone number and sell it to a third-party company. This is another reason for receiving spam calls or telemarketing calls. Using a virtual phone number app, you can prevent the stealing of your phone number.

10 best Virtual Phone Number Apps:

These applications help you get a secondary phone number that you can use for web services and applications.

Next Plus

It is one of the top-rated applications for Android devices. You will get a secondary phone number, and the company also offers call and text free.


Key points:

  • Texting is free. But, you need to pay for calls
  • Call to other Next Plus users is free
  • You can earn credit for free calls for non-Next Plus users

Text Plus 

This is another Virtual Phone Number Application that offers you a secondary number with all free services, from texting to calling. You can send text and MMS to any US phone number, and free calling is also available worldwide.


Key points:

  • It does not show the name or profile picture of your contact
  • You can pay to remove ads and lock your phone number
  • Annoying ads may make your texting slow
  • You can earn credit to make your experience better


Like other applications, this app also has a free calling and texting facility. After signing up, you will get a free US/Canada phone number. You can even change the phone number anytime.


Key points:

  • The app sometimes may not work. However, restarting your app or switching your data connection from phone data to WiFi may resolve the problem.
  • You can pay for removing the ads while using the application

Burner: Smart Phone Numbers

With this application, you can use multiple phone numbers. The company claims that the app is much more than a second phone number app. You will get the benefits of unlimited calling and texting. You can also keep your phone number private with this application.


Key points:

  • For every phone number you purchase, the company charges you $1.9.
  • In-app purchases are also available
  • It will work on Android 5.0 and above

Hushed – Second phone number

You will get a virtual phone number for verifying your account, using this application. Get a local phone number for the US, Canada, and the UK. You can make private calls and text with this app. The signing up does not need any verification also.


Key points.

  • It offers free trials and paid phone number
  • You will not receive a notification when receiving text messages,
  • You can use a phone number for different purposes


It is another texting and calling application that allows you to make free phone calls using WiFi or cellular data. You will get a secondary phone number that allows you to text anyone. With this application, you will get a local phone number.


Key points:

  • Make free calls to US and Canada
  • Unlimited calling and texting with other TalkU users
  • Free text messages to any phone number worldwide
  • Charges applicable for international phone number


2ndLine will help you get a local number if you live in US or Canada. for calls, texts, and picture messages, the service is free in US and Canada.


Key points:

  • You need to pay for the international calls.
  • Numerous features include Google SmartLock, Voicemail Transcription, call forwarding, and more.
  • You can use the paid version for a better experience.

Sideline – 2nd Line for Work

With this application, you can generate a second phone number that can be used for communication and multiple purposes. It gives you a work phone number different from the private one. Managing all contacts using this app is also very easy.


Key points:

  • It has an Auto-Reply feature that sends a custom private message when you have missed a call.
  • You can build a personalized second number for your business use.
  • You can get a phone number by searching a local area code.

Numero eSIM

Numero helps you get a phone number for different communication services, including international virtual phone numbers, toll-free numbers, international eSim data plans, phone numbers for WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications, and more. It comes up with numerous features.


Key points:

  • You can get a free US number by collecting coins in the app.
  • Get a second phone number from more than 80 countries and 4000 cities.
  • Personalized voicemail feature
  • Super easy interface

Skype Number

Okay, it is not an app. It is rather an add-on service on Skype. You will get a Skype number for more than 25 countries or regions. Purchase the Skype number for making and receiving calls. You will get this number attached to your Skype Account. People can call you on this number using any device, and you will receive calls on Skype.

Skype Number

These are the 10 best virtual phone number verifications apps that you can use for multiple purposes. Before you download any application, you must be aware of the Data safety policy maintained by different applications. Read Google Play’s Data Safety guideline for understanding app privacy and security.

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