Best Wallpaper Apps for Android – 2021


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Wallpaper is something that provides a nice look to the phone and makes it attractive. Why settle for something dull, when you can choose from plenty of colorful wallpapers. There are many apps that come with millions of high-definition wallpaper to give your phone a new look. However, some of them are exceptionally popular for providing the best wallpapers in every category. If you are in search of the best wallpaper apps for Android, then here are some of the best ones given below with details.


This is one of the best apps for downloading wallpaper on Android devices. Although the app is not only used to download wallpaper but ringtones, and other things are also available. But they have a huge collection of well-organized wallpapers. Also, this app has been around for a long time with a huge collection.

best wallpaper apps

You can browse pictures based on category. Apart from normal wallpapers, you will also get live wallpaper, video wallpapers, and many more. You can search for the wallpaper you want as well to find it easily. This is one of the best wallpaper apps that are absolutely free and available in the Google Play Store.


As the name suggests, this wallpaper app is filled with wallpapers that are best for AMOLED screens. It comes with a huge collection of high-resolution wallpapers. There are many categories available such as quotes, anime, cars, abstract, superheroes, and others.

wallpaper app

The best thing about this app is it lets you set any picture as wallpaper without downloading it. Options like edit, set as, save, and others are available in the app. Also, you can select an image to choose the colors to find similar images with the same aesthetic.


Walpy is a very popular wallpaper app that comes with a huge collection of wallpapers. It gives users the opportunity to edit the images like brightness, blur level, vignette, saturation, color, and others.

popular wallpaper app

This application uses Unsplash to source the images. The application is free to use and available in Google Play Store. But there are some in-app purchase available in the app. Walpy also gives you the option to upload wallpapers.


When it comes to downloading high resolution wallpapers for Android, Abstruct is one of the best. Although it is new in the market, it comes with more than 300 wallpapers with 4k resolution. As the app is designed by Hampus Olsson who designed all the OnePlus device’s wallpapers, you will get them for free. The app is free on Google Play Store but the premium version comes for $1.99. As the wallpapers are 4k, it helps to give a new look to any device.

high resolution wallpapers for Android


Wallpix is one of the best wallpaper apps for Android that comes with something different from all the other ones. The wallpapers are designed based on punch hole of front cameras for specific devices. It uses the punch hole of the front camera as a decoration to improve the wallpaper. Apart from that, there are some normal wallpapers available as well with high resolution.

high resolution wallpapers for Android

These are some of the most popular wallpaper apps for Android with a vast collection.

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