How to get your DigiLocker documents on Whatsapp


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In today’s online world, keeping your documents and ID proofs on the phone has become a necessity. While the DigiLocker app by the Government is a great way to check you documents, it requires you to open the app every time you want to view a document or an ID proof. To help curb this issue, the Government has announced a new chatbot for Whatsapp for accessing DigiLocker and CoWIN services.

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Thanks to this Whatsapp chatbot, users no longer have to keep the DigiLocker app installed on their phones. Once you sign in and do the initial process on Whatsapp, you can easily get your documents or ID proofs with just a few clicks directly on Whatsapp. This could be helpful for many as a large number of Indian users use WhatsApp, that said, getting all of your documents on Whatsapp will be super convenient.

How to access your DigiLocker documents on Whatsapp

1. Open Whatspp on your phone.

2. Click on the New Chat button.

3. Hit “New Contact” and save this number – +91 9013151515.

4. Send “Namaste” or “Hi” to this number and wait for it to respond.

5. It will show you two options CoWIN services and DigiLocker services. Click on the “DigiLocker Services” option.

6. Now, you will have to send your Aadhar card number without space to verify.

7. Next up, you will receive an OTP on your phone. Send it to that chat, and you’re all set.

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Now, you will be able to access all of your DigiLocker documents directly on Whatsapp. In case, you do not have a DigiLocker account. Download the app and create one. After you do, follow the above steps to get all your Digilockert documents on Whatsapp.


  • What’s the fix for “Apologies, our server is not responding at the moment. You may try again later.”

Since the chatbot is still inchoate, you may face issues like this. But, not to worry, as you can simply type “Menu” and ask the chatbot for the document again. It should work in a couple of tries.

  • DigiLocker Whatsapp chatbot is slow to respond

Several users are facing issues with the DigiLocker chatbot, where the chatbot replies a little late. Again, this is just the initial phase for the DigiLocker chatbot, so you are bound to run into such issues. However, it should be perfectly fine in some weeks, as more functions get added to it.



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