Try Gboard Emoji Kitchen Combo to Mix Two Or More Emojis Together


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Using the same type of emojis while using messaging apps? Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen Combo will change your experience of sending emojis. You can combine two or more emojis together to create a new mashup that conveys your feeling more beautifully.

The best part is that Gboard has a huge collection of emojis, and it even gets updated every few months. You will create mixed emojis that no one has sent you before. It is a fantastic feature of Gboard that everyone will love. If you haven’t tried, here are the details you must learn.

How to use Gboard’s emoji

Emoji Kitchen is a feature of Gboard, and it works only on Android. To use the emoji sticker, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Gboard
  • Open it and set Gboard as the default keyboard
  • Go to Gboard Setting and Choose Emoji, Sticker & GIFs.
  • Choose Suggestions While Typing
  • Enable Emoji

Gboard Emoji

Gboard Kitchen Emoji

Apps that are compatible with Emoji Kitchen

This Kitchen Emoji Combo does not work everywhere you want. But, the most common applications support these features. Here is the list of applications where this Emoji combo will work perfectly.

  • Google messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Signal
  • TextNow
  • LinkedIn

Emojis in Emoji Kitchen

Designers work hard to come up with some interesting emoji combo that will enhance the experience of chatting surely. You will get more than common options there, and they reflect a thoughtful note.

For example: Pig + Fire = Bacon, Snowman + Fire = Melted Snowman

Some tips to use Emoji Kitchen Like a Pro

  • You can turn any Emoji into a Ghost πŸ‘», alien πŸ‘½, or pumpkin πŸŽƒ.
  • Use mask-faced emoji 😷 to add a mask to any emoji you use next.
  • Use fire πŸ”₯, tree 🌲, tornado πŸŒͺ, and balloon 🎈 to modify an emoji in a funky way.

Gboard kitchen Emoji

Here are some ridiculous emoji suggestions that you can definitely try.

😢+😢 = blank face

πŸ€”+πŸ€” = hmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm

πŸ˜”+πŸ˜” = depression has never had a better emoji

πŸ˜‰+πŸ˜‰ = finger Gunz

😏+😏 = smirktastic

πŸ˜—+πŸ˜— = whistling

πŸ‹+πŸ‹ = when life gives you two lemons

🌷+🌷 = a flower face

Type these emojis together and see the magic. You will get a new emoji that will define your emotion more beautifully.

Emojis bring out your best emotion. You can convey your modes more perfectly with these emojis. Beyond the suggested options, you can create your own emojis by just typing two together.

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