How to Watch Movies Together on FaceTime with SharePlay


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It is fun to watch movies together, right? Moreover, it helps to increase the excitement of watching with friends and families. Well, you do not have to go out to watch movies with your loved ones anymore. With the help of the SharePlay function from Apple, you will be able to see Facetime and watch movies together. Among all the popular features of Apple, Facetime is no doubt one of the most popular ones. If you are wondering how to watch movies together on Facetime with SharePlay, then here is some of the information given below that will help you.


First, you need to know what is SharePlay, and how it works before using it. It helps the users of Apple to share their screens with others while listening to music or watching movies. With real-time sync, it helps to watch TV shows and others together on FaceTime call. Also, anyone who is connected to the video can play, pause, and control the video, thanks to shared playback controls. You can use this to seamlessly watch movies on Apple Television as well.

how to watch movies together on Facetime

Although services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ have already provided the co-watching function. Apple makes it much more fun as you can share the video and watch through different gadgets like iPad, iPhone, Mac, and others. With this feature, you can watch videos together on Apple TV, listen to Apple Music, but there are some third-party services available as well.

Some of the popular ones include Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, MasterClass, NBA TV, ESPN+, Twitch, Paramount+, Pluto Television, and others. However, Netflix does not support the Facetime SharePlay option yet.

Steps to Watch Together on FaceTime SharePlay 

  • First, you will need to launch the Facetime app on your Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, and others

watch videos together

  • After entering the app, you will find an icon ‘Create Link’ to get a link to the watch party. Also, there is another option ‘New FaceTime’ that allows you to invite all your friends in a video call 
  • After the link is created, you will get an option ‘Facetime Link’ There is an “i” button beside it, tap on that button to get the share option. Besides the share option, click on the sign to start sharing the link. If you want to delete the option, then click on the option ‘Delete Link’ below

watch together on Facetime SharePlay 

  • After clicking on share, you will get multiple sharing options on different platforms such as WhatsApp, iMessage, e-mail, text, Messenger, and others. You can select one of those to send the link to your friends and family
  • Now, when your friends and family click on that link and sign up in the app, they will be able to join the watch party. After they join, select the preferable video streaming app and start a movie or video to watch together on Facetime SharePlay 

You can make Facetime calls to Android users, but watching movies is not supported for both Windows and Android users on Facetime. 

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