How to Block Ads and Pop-ups on FireStick


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Amazon Firestick is no doubt one of the best popular streaming players. It gives access to apps like YouTube, Netflix, and other content. However, it comes with advertisements as well that interrupts the streaming experience. While these ads are generating revenue for service, they are pretty annoying for the customers. Some of the most common ads are video ads, built-in ads, overlay ads, banner ads, and others. If you are wondering how to block ads on Firestick, then there are different methods available to block them. Here are some of the detail given below about different methods. 

Using VPN 

You can use VPNs to block ads on Firestick if the other methods are not working. VPN helps to change the IP address of your device easily. However, it will also change the DNS setting of the device to block ads. It will trick the IPS into believing that you are using old settings. The best part is you do not have to do anything, the VPN will take care of all the work for you. There are plenty of apps available that you can get to block ads easily. 

Change DNS manually 

If your internet provider allows you to manually change the DNS settings, then there is no need to install VPNs. Changing your DNS to other servers help you to block ads on Amazon Firestick. To change the DNS, first, go to the settings of your Firestick and go to the My Fire TV section. Find the “about” option and click on it, scroll down to find the Network option. 

Take the picture or screenshot of the network section, it will help you in the final steps. Go back to the settings page and open the network settings of the device. Disconnect with the current network by clicking on “forget” Next, enter the password of your Wi-Fi without connecting it. Click on the advanced button to enter your IP address from the picture you took before. 

Enter the details in the prefix, gateway sections, DNS settings of your choice. You will be able to block ads on Fire TV easily following this method. 

Using Blokada 

This is one of the popular and best AdBlock for Firestick that you can use to get rid of ads. It is an open-source app for ad-blocking that is absolutely free. First, you will need to go to the settings and visit the device to click on “Developer Options” You will find the option “App from Unknown Sources” to enable it to give install permission to the Blokada app. 

Go to the ‘Downloader’ app from the main menu and search for “” and click on go. It will redirect you to the official website of Blokada, download the app and install it by clicking on ‘download’ Open the app and give all the permission to it and you will see a lot of options like a whitelist, keep the app alive, and others. You can block the notifications and pop-ups as well using this app. 

If you are wondering how to block ads on my firestick, then try these above-mentioned methods to block all ads and have a seamless streaming experience.  

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