How To Recover Deleted Files for Absolutely Free


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Have you ever lost an important file or document that you wanted to present in your business meeting? Or have you ever come across a scenario where you accidentally deleted something months back from your PC, but you actually need it now?
Well, today in this article, we’ll show you how your can recover deleted files for absolutely free on your PC. Not just files and documents, but also, images, videos, music, and emails.

Three Ways to Recover Deleted Files for Absolutely Free

Using Recuva

Recuva is an application that helps users to recover deleted files for absolutely free. It allows the user to recover large-sized files including pictures, music, videos, document, and emails. It can restore the data from a Hard disk, Memory card, Floppy Disks, and USB Flash Drive.

1. Open your Recuva Application.
2. Once you open the software, it will show you welcome to the Recuva Wizard, which means it follows the wizard guide to recover the data.
3. Here, click on Next to proceed further.
4. It will ask you which type of files you want to recover. By default, it will show you PicturesMusicDocumentsvideos, and others. Just select All Files or the specific file type that you want to recover.
5. Now, select the location where you want to store your data and click on Next.
6. It will automatically scan your system for the deleted files.
7. After scanning, it will show you results. Select the data that you want to recover and click on the Recover button below.

Using Disk Drill

Disk Drill is also one of the most popular software tools that recovers your lost, damaged, and corrupted data from the system. It will help users to recover data up to 500MB for free.

It supports various kinds of files that users can restore like the NTFS/ NTFSS, HFS/HFSX, EXT3/EXT4, FAT/FAT32, and other file types. It is compatible with Windows as well as Mac devices.

  1. Open the Disk drill Application.

2. Select the Data Recovery option and you will see all the drives.

Disk Drill

2. Here, select the disk you want to recover your data from. And, in the right corner, click on the drop-down option and select the All Recovery Method.

Disk Drill

3. Finally click on the Search For Lost Data option at the bottom.

Disk Drill

4. Once the process is complete, you’ll see all the recovered data.

Using EaseUS Data

If you want to recover data up to 2GB or plus, you can use the EaseUS Data software. This software can help you recover deleted files for absolutely free. It is easy to use and has a minimal interface.

  1. Open the EaseUS Data application

2. Select the location where you want to store your recovered data.

EaseUS Data

3. Choose the drive you have lost the data from, and click on Scan.

EaseUS Data

4. After clicking on the Scan option, it will automatically scan from the drive you selected. (You can use filters to narrow down the search to a specific file type).

5. Click on the file and hit Recover.

EaseUS Data

Recover Deleted File From Recycle Bin

If your data is not deleted permanently from your system. Then you can easily get the data from recycle bin without using a third-party application. Recycle bin also stores files that you accidentally or knowingly deleted.
1. Open Recycle bin.
2. Here, you will see the deleted files.
3. Select the file you want to restore and Double click on it.
4. Now, you’ll see the Restore option. Simply, click on it.
There you go! These are the three easy ways by which you can recover deleted files for absolutely free on your system. Which software do you use, or are planning to use? Do let us know in the comments.
Austin is BSc IT Student who loves to write about tech and explore tech. he loves to help people with the experience and knowledge he have to make their lives simple in the Tech. He also likes travel and meeting new people who have different perspectives on life.


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