Top 15 Best Wireless Earphones Under ₹2000 In India


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Having a budget is the most distressful thing while shopping in the tech canvas. However, we have to still maintain it as well as choose the best product within our planned expenses. This job is too daunting unless you have our article to READ!

We present you with the list of the top 15 best wireless earphones under ₹2000 in India. The list has been curated based on the features and budget.

The list is in no particular order.

Top 15 Best Wireless Earphones Under ₹2000

1. Fusion Tech TWS

Available at the cheapest price, the buds come with Bluetooth v4.0. It has a classic white color on its glossy body. 12 meters is the range you can expect and to pair them is fairly simple. The buds are good for the price and the sound quality is as what would expect in this range.

Fusion Tech TWS

Although is priced aggressively, it has an Apple AirPods-like design with deep bass performance. For the asking price of ₹520, the Fusion Tech TWS is your best bet in this range.

Best buy – Fusion Tech TWS

2. U&I Titanic Series Buds

These earphones are one great pair of budget wireless buds with top-rated sound quality and features. They have Bluetooth v5.0 and are based on 3 mm drivers offering bass-boosted sound. One major highlight of the buds is their battery backup. These can offer a standby time of 50 hours and a playback time of 10 hours.

U & I Titanic

The buds come in the single Black color variant priced at ₹599. If you buy from the link below you will be entitled to get a 10% off coupon making these more affordable.

Best Buy – U&I Titanic Series Buds

3.We cool Moonwalk Mini

IPX5 is what makes it special among the average mid-range earphones. The buds come with a good sound stage which is slightly tweaked to offer more bass. Due to its design, it covers the entire ear cutting off the background noise offering passive noise cancellation. It has Bluetooth v5.0 and even a multifunctional physical button for Playback manipulation. These are extra light at 4 grams each and still possess a 300 mAH battery cell.

WeCool mini

The buds are claimed to last for 4 hours without the case and 12 hours with the charging case. For the price of ₹699, you can’t go wrong with these TWS buds.

Best buy – WeCool Moonwalk Mini


Hoppup Mini will cost you ₹749 offering a better sound and a water resistance rating. These earphones have got you covered with Bluetooth v5.0 and are truly lightweight. The buds house 45 mAH of battery in each earbuds offering extended music listening.


It has a multifunctional touch button for the activation of voice assistance. It comes in three colors – Red, Black, and Yellow.

Best buy – HOPPUP Mini

5. pTron bass buds In-Ear TWS

pTron has been propelling quite a few budget devices in the market. One of its TWS buds dubbed pTron bass buds In-Ear comes at a ₹799 price tag and still offers Noise isolation technology. The sound quality at this price point is great and it will offer long hours of music listening thanks to the battery housed in the buds. Advertised to run for up to 20 hours with the case, these are great for extended hours of voice calls.

pTron Bass Buds

It features deep bass for audio and Bluetooth v5.0 as for connectivity. It is sweatproof and water-resistant meaning that these can handle a few water splashes. The buds come with Google Assistant Integration offering convenience for toggling. The 10 mm drivers offer unmatched sound quality at this price range.

Best buy – pTron Bassbuds

6. WeCool Moonwalk M1

We have another pair of earbuds from the emerging brand WeCool. This one has an LCD display in its battery case which works as a battery indicator for the case. It features a wireless range of 7m to 8m and a case battery capacity of 350mAH. The bass quality is average but the audio from the buds is tuned for a good sound experience.

WeCool Moonwalk M1

The buds boast an IPX5 water resistance rating and offer a music playback time of 3 to 4 hours.

Best buy – WeCool Moonwalk M1

7. Boat Airdopes 121v2

Going over the 1000 INR price bracket, we have the Boat Airdops 121v2. These come with 8 mm drivers offering a good sound quality. The buds come with a battery life of 14 hours and weigh only 4 grams.

BoAt Airdopes

This one too has an LCD display on its case for battery indication. It comes in earphones in three different colors and is priced at ₹1,200.

Best buy – BoAt Airdopes 121v2

8. Mivi Duopods M20

One of the popular choices in the earphones market is Mivi. The Duopods M20 is one of the top-rated TWS wireless buds on Amazon. These earphones come with Bluetooth v5.0 and a water resistance rating of IPX4.

Mivi Duopods

The sound on these is bass boosted and would be a great pair for bass lovers. It offers 20 hours of battery life with the case comes for a price tag of ₹1,200.

Best buy – Mivi Duopods M20

9. Redmi SonicBass Neckband Bluetooth

Redmi is excelling in the earphones market as well as in the smartphone sector. The Redmi SonicBass Neckbank earphones have 9.2mm drivers offering better sound quality than what we have seen in the list so far. It has a Bluetooth v5.0 for connectivity and offers 10 meters range.

Redmi Sonic Bass

It can offer 12 hours of music playback and up to 200 hours of standby. For the price of ₹1,299, the SonicBass Neckband buds are great if you are looking for a neckband earphone in budget.

Best buy – Redmi SonicBass Neckband

10. Boat Rockerz 255F

There’s no list without considering these BoAt neckband buds. The Rockers 255F comes with great sound quality and is one of the fast-selling wireless earbuds on the market. These earphones come in eight different shades with four colours named after IPL teams, in case it’s your kick. Its IPX5 water-resistance rating is one of its highlights and the battery is good too.

BoAt Rockers 255F

If you are someone who is a bass lover, then you shouldn’t be looking anywhere else than the BoAt Rockerz 255F. It is priced at ₹1,299 but often in sales, it can be picked up for as low as ₹899.

Best buy – BoAt Rockers 255F

11. Noise Air Buds

Noise Air Buds is a truly wireless pair of earbuds that is based on 13mm sound drivers. These offer deep bass with clear mids providing good quality. It has crips highs and boasts an Airpods original-like design. It has touch controls for controlling the music with one touch. It has Bluetooth v5.0 for connectivity and supports quick pairing features.

Noise Air Buds

The buds offer up to 4 hours of battery life without the case and 20 hours without the charging case. The Noise Air Buds will cost you over ₹2,000 but these are mostly on sale priced at ₹1,999.

Best Buy – Noise Air Buds

12. Redmi Earbuds S ( With Gaming Mode )

Yet another Redmi buds in the list. The Redmi Earbuds S is tuned for gamers and for those with good taste in audio. As its name, these earphones provide you a low latency of 122 ms and good sound quality, thanks to the drivers.

Redmi Earbuds S

For the price of ₹1,699, these are great if you are on a hunt for a TWS bud in this range.

Best buy – Redmi Earbuds S

13. Realme Buds Wireless

Realme’s Buds Wireless has been a popular choice ever since its launch. It comes with an 11.2mm driver that enabled rich sound quality. It has a built-in magnet that comes with features such as play/pause when attached and detached. The buds come with Google Assistant support that allows for performing quick tasks such as voice search. These come with an in-line microphone and volume rockers on the neckband as for controls.

Realme Buds Wireless

The buds offer up to 12 hours of music play, thanks to its 110mAh battery. For a price of ₹1,799, the Realme Buds Wireless stands out in our list of the top 15 best wireless earphones.

Best buy – Realme Buds Wireless

14. Realme buds Q

Based on a 10mm driver, here’s another pair of Realme buds in the list. This one is for those looking for Realme branded TWS buds. It has a great sound quality and a good battery life that goes up to 20 hours. It has Intelligent touch controls and a Gaming Mode that offers low latency. The Gaming mode is great for gamers as it offers a 119 ms response time. It also has IPX4 water-resistance rating and it can be paired up via the Realme Link app.

Realme Buds Q

The buds are priced at ₹1,999 and have a single Black color variant.

Best buy – Realme Buds Q

15. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

These buds come with 9.2mm sound drivers offering a bass-boosted sound quality. The major highlight of the buds is the support for Warp charge technology. It is advertised to offer up to 10 hours of music playback with just 10 minutes of charging. It has IP55 water-resistant and quick pair features.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

The buds also have magnetic controls and a Bluetooth range of 10 meters. These also offer the lowest latency at 110ms. For the asking price of ₹1,999, the Bullets Wireless Z are feature-rich with a good sound stage.

Best buy – OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

The list ends here. Do tell us which one is your favourite and the one you are currently using.

Apart from this, if you are strictly looking for a pair of TWS buds then you can check out our top 10 lists of the best TWS buds below.

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Stay tuned for more updates on smartphones, gadgets, leaks, rumors, and some exclusive content in the tech world.


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