Top 4 Hidden Features Of Gmail That You Need To Know


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Mail is one of the most necessary parts of the digital world. We use it every day for work and other purposes. Mail is also a very crucial part of digital marketing for different businesses. Among all the other mailing services, Gmail is the most used mail by people. It comes with a seamless experience and is known for providing an easy and simple interface. However, there are many things that you might not know about the application. There are some hidden features that you can apply to use the application in a smarter way and save time. Here are the top 4 hidden features of Gmail that you need to know.

Schedule Emails

Just like any other application, Gmail also provides a schedule option. You can use it to schedule your messages and send them to specific people at the desired time. However, you will need to compose the mail earlier and set the designated time.

Schedule send

If you are using Gmail on your PC, then you have to find the little down arrow. It will be available on the right side, click on “Schedule send.” Then, click on “Pick Date and Time” to provide the date and time you like. you can find the option in the Gmail app for Android and iOS too.

Smart Compose

Want to type your mail faster? Yes, you can do that in Gmail by using the “Smart Compose feature.” It helps you to type by predicting the entire phases and words. Based on the user’s word preferences, it helps to make the process easier.

Smart Compose feature

You can use this feature by tapping the tab key and by tapping the space in smartphones. You can also go to the general tab of the settings and turn on the writing suggestion option from Smart Compose.

Read More Emails Every Page

It is very annoying to read the emails page by page in Gmail in both Android and Desktop versions. However, you do not have to do that anymore with this feature. It lets you read more emails on one page. It will both save a lot of time and make it easier for you to read the emails.

read more emails

To get this option, you will need to change the page option from Gmail’s general tab settings. Change the option of page size and make it maximum to get all the emails available on one page. It will allow you to see more than 100 emails on every page. The standard or default settings let you see 50 emails on one page.

Use Date To Find Email

Facing issues when searching for emails in Gmail? Well, it can become hard to find a particular email if you do not remember the subject and sender. Well, you can take the help of this feature to find an old email that you have lost. To use email search by date, you will need to add a date while searching and it will show you the result for that specific time or date.

These are some of the hidden features that you can try to use Gmail seamlessly.

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